Bharva Bhaingan / Stuffed Brinjal – Recipe

Today I prepared stuffed baigan n thought of posting it.


1 pav of small baigan of equal size.
2 2 to 3 garlic pieces
3 small ginger piece.
4 three green chillies
5 corriander leaves
6 three tomatoes
7 salt as par taste
8 three spoons of oil
9 half spoon turmeric powder
10 one spoon of dhania powder
11 one spoon of jeera powder
12 one spoon of red chilli powder


First wash baigan thoroughly n then just cut only half n to it we have to fill stuff

Cut tomatoes, chillies garlic, ginger corriander n then add other spices like dhania, jeera, chillies, turmeric powder n last but not least add salt.

Now put this whole in grinder to make paste. If u like u can add one spoon of besan also for thickness.

Now stuff this mixture in cut baigan

Fry this in shallow fry just add two to three spoons and fry in low flame

Please check after every two to three minutes till it becomes soft.

Recipe by: Anantalakshmi Snarasimham

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