10 Hot Breakfast for Winter Mornings

The winter mornings are dark and hick with fog these days. The mornings are lazy and we are less inclined towards a healthy breakfast. But we always need a healthy breakfast so that we remain energized and active throughout the day. As they say ‘Eat breakfast king size’.

Here are top 10 recipes for having a hot nourishing breakfast which are healthy, easy to make as well as less time taking so you can remain in your cozy bed for long.

French toast

Image source / Recipe: Food Network

If you are an eggiterian then this is the perfect breakfast meal for you. Eggs are loaded with high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and good fats. Thus, it is the perfect way to kick start your day.

The recipe is as follows:

1. Beat egg, vanilla and cinnamon in a bowl.
2. Now dip the bread in the bowl so that the mixture is spread on both sides of the bowl.
3. Cook the bread slices lightly on a non-stick pan adding butter to it. Cook both the sides of the bread until they turn golden-brown from the sides.
4. Mix half-teaspoon of ground cinnamon, one-fourth teaspoon of nutmeg and two tablespoons of sugar in a small bowl. Mix pure vanilla extract and cup pancake syrup to it. This is the syrup for your French toast.

You can warm the syrup if you like it that way. And your breakfast is ready.

Bread Poha

Image source / Recipe: Maayeka

It is an everyday food of Maharashtrians. It is both by adults as well as children. It is convenient, easy to make and requires everyday ingredients.

The recipe is as follows:

1. Cut 6 bread slices into cubes.
2. Chop onions, green chillies, capsicum and tomatoes.
3. Heat the oil in the non-stick pan and add mustard seeds to it.
4. When the seeds crack, add curry leaves to it.
5. Add onions and green chillies to it and sauté them for about two minutes.
6. Add capsicum to it and sauté them for about two minutes.
7. Add tomatoes and turmeric powder to it and sauté it for about two minutes.
8. Add bread-pieces, salt and garam masala to it. Cook it well for about 2 minutes.
9. Switch off the flame and add lemon juice to it.

And your bread poha is ready. You can add some namkeen to it as well.

Burito Bites

Image source / Recipe: Ella claire inspired

These look fancy and at the same time very easy to make. These are loved by the children.

The recipe is as follows:

1. Preheat your oven over 350 degrees. Cut the tortillas into 4 pieces.
2. Grease the muffin pan and place the tortilla in them and press them at the bottom so that it takes a shape of a little cup.
3. Crack 8 eggs in a bowl. Add 1-4th cup of milk to it and whisk it well.
4. Chop all your toppings and sprinkle it to the tortilla cup.
5. Pour the egg mixture to it.
6. Bake covered with foil in the oven for about 25 minutes.

In the mean time you can get ready for your office.

Vegetable Cheese Sandwich

Image source / Recipe: Boldsky

Easy to make and you can carry them to your way to office.

The recipe is as follows:

1. Cop all the veggies you can want in your sandwich.
2. Add salt and pepper to it.
3. Spread the cheese slice over the bread.
4. Now spread the chopped veggies over it.
5. Cover the top with another bread slice.
6. Place the bread in the sandwich maker.

Finger Chips

Image source: Jambase Forums

Running out veggies and you’re already running late for your office, then this is the perfect breakfast meal for you.

The recipe is as follows:

1. Chop the potatoes in long strips.
2. Wash and dry the potatoes well.
3. Fry them until they turn pink.
4. Add salt and pepper to it.

Namkeen Sevai

Image source / Recipe: Pakwangali

These are healthy alternatives for noodles. All you need is 10 minutes and your breakfast is ready.

The recipe is as follows:

1. Chop the onions, tomato and capsicum.
2. Heat the oil in the non-stick pan and add mustard seeds to it.
3. Add onions to it and sauté it for 2 mins.
4. Add capsicum and sauté it for 2 mins followed by tomato.
5. Add fried sevai to it.
6. Add 1 cup of water. Steam it for 5 mins.

Namkeen sevai and a cup of tulsi tea is the best combination for the quickest breakfast ever for all those vegetarians out there.

Methi ka Paratha

Image source / Recipe: Swati Recipe

These triangular-layered parathas are a treat to eat in winter mornings. These are healthy and keeps your body warm.

The recipe is as follows:

1. In a bowl mix one cup of wheat flour, half cup of finely chopped methi leaves, salt, curd, garam masala and chilli powder.
2. Add water to it and make a soft pliable dough.
3. Now make small balls of the dough.
4. Roll the ball to round shaped disc and them fold them in triangular shape and start rolling it again.
5. Grease them with oil and cook it on a non-stick pan till it is turned slightly brown and repeat the same for the other side as well.

Garlic oats with masala Fried egg

Image source / Recipe: My food story

These are for those who are bored of their regular sweet oats and want oats with a twist for breakfast?

The recipe is as follows:

1. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan. Add the minced garlic. Sauté it for 15 seconds and add oats. After 2 mins, add water, salt and pepper. Boil this in simmer for 3-4 minutes. Just before taking oats off the stove, add cheese and basil and mix.
2. Fry the eggs in a non-stick pan. Top each egg with salt and chili powder.
3. Top the oats with a fried egg, sprinkle with more paprika and chopped coriander.

Add your breakfast is ready.

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole

Image source / Recipe: TipHero

This is the perfect breakfast recipes for the holidays when all you want to do is stay in your bed and not get your hangs into the water at all. All you have to do is warm the casserole in the oven.

The recipe is as follows:

1. In a fry pan, sauté the onions, peppers and sausage until everything is cooked through.
2. Beat the eggs, milk and black pepper in a bowl.
3. Grease the large casserole dish. Layer the croutons, followed by the cooked sausage mixture and finally the shredded cheese.
4. Pour on the egg mixture. Cover and allow the Egg Sausage Breakfast Casserole to sit in the refrigerator overnight.
5. Wake up in the morning and pop the casserole dish in the oven.

And just like that, your breakfast is ready.

Mushroom Curry

Image source / Recipe: CookTube

For all those mushroom lovers out there, you can kick-start your day with this dish.

The recipe is as follows:

1. Fry some cumin seeds and curry leaves. Add onion, ginger and garlic. Fry soft.
2. Add tomato puree and cook for 3-4 minutes.
3. Add turmeric powder, salt, red chilli powder and garam masala. Cook for a minute.
4. Add water as per your requirement.
5. Put in mushrooms and cook until they are ready to eat.

My secret ingredient in this recipe was rasam powder. I added a bit in the end. Garnish with coriander and have it with roti, rice or dosa.

What’s your favourite breakfast in cold, lazy winter mornings? Happy eating guys!

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