Learn To Make Chicken Ham at Home

Natural product without preservatives and harmful additives – chicken ham at home. Thanks to the small secret of cooking chicken ham at home is obtained stunningly tender and delicious. The secret of its juiciness is in the brine. Ham prepared in this way at home is an excellent substitute for harmful sausage products.

For a long time I do not buy homemade ham from chicken in the store. Strength and ingredients minimum, and the result exceeds all expectations. Such homemade ham is stored in the fridge for three or four days. The budget dish wins by several times compared to the store prices.


Chicken fillet – 1 kg


  • Water – 1 l
  • Salt – 70 g


  • Garlic – 2-3 large cloves
  • Ground pepper – black – 1/2  tsp.
  • Fragrant – 1/2  tsp.
  • Spicy – 1/4  tsp.
  • Paprika – 1-2  tsp.
  • Fenugreek ground – 1 tsp
  • Vegetable oil – 2-3 tsp.


  1. Prepare brine and soak it in chicken fillet during the day in the fridge.
  2. Remove from the brine and rinse in cold water.
  3. Dry the meat and wrap it tightly in foodstuff film. Tie the ends in the form of “candy.”
  4. Received blanks are sent to the p/e package, we release from it air and tie the top.
  5. We put the meat in hot water and cook at 85 degrees by the rule – 50 minutes per kilo of meat. Very convenient to cook in a multicooker on the Multicooker mode. If there is no multicooker or special thermometer, we bring the water to boiling, then reducing the fire to a minimum so that the water in the pot just a little twitch, make sure it doesn’t boil.
  6. Cool the ready meat under the flow or in large quantities of cold water. Remove the bag and film and apply a mixture of garlic, spices and vegetable oil.
  7. Wrap it in foodstuff film and send it for 5-8 hours in a fridge for “maturation.”

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