20 Cool Breakfast Ideas To Make Your Mornings

Breakfast is the most important meal. How to diversify the usual diet, read in our new review. We’ve compiled a selection of the coolest breakfasts for you.

Breakfast is an important part of any person’s diet. Even if you’re in a hurry or just don’t have an appetite, it’s still worth eating.

Scientists have proven that you can’t ignore this meal. This is due to the fact that the human body only wakes up and needs an external impulse. This is what breakfast is all about. It starts the metabolism, improves the digestive system and charges the energy for the whole day.

Explore our selection and prepare the most delicious, nourishing, appetizing and nutritious breakfasts for your family.

1. Yummy Cheesecakes

I guess there’s nothing better for breakfast than appetizing cheesecakes. They are so tender and fragrant that it is almost impossible to resist. Pamper your homemade delicious food.

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2. Quinoa in a jar

Here’s an original and cool breakfast you can make in a jar. It is not only very tasty, but also very useful. Kinoa is a superfood of the new millennium. This cereal contains a shock dose of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, there is no need to doubt such a breakfast.

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3. Egg Pitas

Here’s another unusual way to serve eggs for breakfast. The frosting on the pita is very simple and fast. Such a nutritious and delicious breakfast, no doubt, will charge you to new achievements. There is enough energy for the whole day.

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4. Egg with Ham on Pancake

This breakfast looks like it came off the cover of a magazine. Pamper yourself and make an egg and ham on a pancake. This breakfast is perfectly balanced and contains just the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

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5. French breakfast

Imagine you’re in a city of fashion and love. Yes, yes, it is in Paris. What would you choose for your morning meal? We share a recipe for a typical French breakfast: porridge, toast and smoothies.

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6. American breakfast

Suppose you’re in France on Saturday. And what to do on Sunday? Of course, to feel like a real American or an American. The recipe for a typical American breakfast is already waiting for you. It’s more nourishing and nutritious than French, so go out on that day.

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7. An omelette with sweet potatoes

If we’re talking about morning meals, we shouldn’t forget the delicious omelets. One such option is an omelette with sweet potatoes. It is very nourishing and nutritious. Just what you need if you lead an active lifestyle.

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8. Oatmeal with persimmon

Very actual and useful autumn breakfast is oatmeal porridge with persimmon. It will appeal to both adults and children. Regular consumption of persimmon helps to strengthen the immune system and increase the overall tone of the body.

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9. Vanilla waffles

These delicious waffles are beating into the heart. Their aroma and exquisite taste you will remember for a long time to come. We recommend serving them at the table with berries and chocolate sauce. Look for a recipe here.

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10. Classic French sandwich

Let’s get back to the national topic. The French know how hard it is to make it everywhere. That’s why on particularly crazy days they have breakfast or snack on such a nutritious and delicious sandwich. Cooking it is very easy.

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11. Shakshuka

This egg dish is particularly popular in East Asia and North Africa. And there is a logical explanation for this. Shakshuka is a very interesting, nutritious and delicious dish that provides a feeling of satiety for a long time.

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12. Broccoli and goat cheese soufflé

That air soufflé is literally melting in your mouth. Such a breakfast will leave only pleasant emotions and impressions. All the ingredients used in this recipe are perfectly combined and excite the taste buds.

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13. Banana blueberry bread

If you haven’t tried dessert bread yet, it’s time to fix it. Banana is the perfect fruit for baking. Its sweet taste adds amazing notes to the bread, which you will certainly appreciate at breakfast. We share a great recipe.

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14. Muesli with pistachios, apples and figs

Pistachios, apples and figs are a real multivitamin natural complex on your plate. Serve them from the muesli. This breakfast illustrates the expression “breakfast of the champion”. Good mood and vigour for the whole day are provided!

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15. Quinoa with vanilla yogurt and raspberry

An unusual and very interesting way to serve quinoa to the table is to cook it with vanilla yoghurt and raspberry. Everyone is accustomed to the fact that quinoa is more in tune with chicken, vegetables, eggs and other more nourishing products. We debunk this stereotype.

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16. Chocolate pancakes

These are the delicious chocolate pancakes you can make in the morning for the whole family. It is impossible to imagine such a situation, in which at least someone will be dissatisfied. Sweet, tasty, nourishing!

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17. Pudding with Carrots

Carrots are very useful crispy vegetables. It is a valuable source of beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the human body. Regular consumption of carrots helps to improve the appearance and strengthen the immune system. Prepare a cool morning pudding with carrots.

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18. Egg in avocado

The dishes in the dish are gaining popularity. It really looks very appetizing and spectacular. Evaluate the modern culinary trend in person and prepare an egg in an avocado.

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19. Pearl porridge with dried fruits

The main feature of dried fruits is that they retain all the useful properties and vitamins of fresh fruits. Serve them with pearl porridge. It’s probably the perfect nutritious breakfast.

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20. Yogurt with spices and pistachios

If you are one of those people who can’t eat anything in the morning, this recipe is for you. Yogurt with spices and pistachios is a very light but nutritious and original dish.

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